Alexia Foundation Photo of the Day – Teru Kuwayama

Bylakuppe 200. Young monks bathing in the courtyard of a monastery dormitory. Teru Kuwayama/Alexia Foundation

Today’s photo of the day is from Teru Kuwayama’s 1999 professional project, “Vanishing Tibetan Culture” looking at the Tibetan exiles and monasteries in Nepal and India.

Adults in Tibet sent their children to this out of the country in an effort to evade Chinese attempts at extinguishing their culture. Monasteries are frequently at the center of exiled Tibetan communities.

The images in this story are highly abstracted. Light pours into the images burning out the many points where it touches and emphasizing the grain. These images were shot on film and the edges were burnt roughly during printing. All together, the techniques give an ethereal sense and timelessness to the images.

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