Alexia Foundation Photo of the Day – Elena Fava Emerson

Ashiikee, 80 year-old Navajo man, met his wife Yil Ni Bah on the reservation. The 85 year-old Navajo woman takes care of her husband in their one room house, in New Mexico. Despite her age, Dorothy, is the one who takes care of the household tasks. An old woodburning-stove, placed in the center of the hogan is the main source of heat. Elena Fava Emerson/Alexia Foundation

Today’s photo of the day is from Elena Fava Emerson’s 2000 student award of excellence project documenting an elderly American Indian Woman’s life.

Dorothy, the subject of the project, is 85 years old. She is the primary caregiver for her 80-year-old blind husband. The images show her patient and strong. She lives without running water or any other utilities.

This image is well composed with a strong foreground and background. Dorothy adjusts the stove while her husband George sits, demonstrating her role as responsible for the maintenance of their house. There is a fantastic cross light coming from the right, illuminating Dorothy and emphasizing the simplicity of the house.

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