Alexia Foundation Photo of Today – Matthew Lutton

An East African immigrant and her son receive a housing voucher for a couple of nights stay at a motel from a staff member of the ROAR (Referrals, Opportunities, Advocacy and Resources) of Washington. Matthew Lutton/Alexia Foundation

The Alexia Foundation photo of today, Wednesday, is from Matthew Lutton’s 2007 student project, “Homeless in Seattle.”

The work is a documentary about the diverse and growing homeless community in Seattle. It began as a collaboration with charities assisting the homeless, but developed into a more personal essay as Lutton developed relationships with some of the individuals he met.

Lutton has captured many different individuals living homeless for a variety of reasons, and living in varying situations. One sees the East African immigrant receiving vouchers for a few nights stay in a motel as well as the long time homeless, alcoholic living in a tent community.

For a few weeks, Lutton was able to document Tyson Gamble, who arrived in Seattle after being released from the Florida State Penitentery and receiving a bus ticket from the state of Florida. He was seeking a place to get his life in order and avoid the bad influences of his home. Lutton saw him teetering back and forth between a clean life and the pull of hard drugs.

Lutton is currently traveling to Krajina, a region of Bosnia and_Herzegovina, to continue his project “Only Unity,” which documents Serbian identity in the aftermath of Yugoslavia. Lutton received the Emerging Photographer Fund 2012 from Burn Magazine for this project.

Lutton runs dvafoto with M. Scott Brauer. The site is a great source of photographic inspiration and information. Its contest calendar is hugely useful. They seem to have collected every photojournalism and documentary competition that exists.

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