Alexia Foundation Photo of Today – Veronica Wilson

Joseph’s favorite sport is basketball. Although he won’t try out for his high school’s team (because, he says, he wouldn’t want to practice according to the coach’s schedule) he enjoys playing on the public courts around Syracuse. When weather permits, a coordinator from the Youth Center will take some of the teens, and supervise them as the play. Veronica Wilson/Alexia Foundation

The Alexia Foundation photo of today, Thursday, is from Veronica Wilson’s 2007 student award of excellence project, “The Achievement Gap.”

The work looks at the educational disparity between rich and poor children by examining the life of one student, Joseph Gonzalez, a fourteen-year old Puerto Rican who lives on the south side of Syracuse. He attends a high school that has much lower standardized test scores than others in the area and he is rarely given challenging coursework.

Veronica documents Joseph’s daily challenges, including distracting classroom behavior from his peers, unengaged teachers and a chaotic home life. Clearly, however, he wants to succeed. He is active in the church and attends an after school program to avoid encountering negative influences on the street who would try to convince him to do drugs.

Veronica’s work will be included in the upcoming “Eyes on the World” exhibition at the Bermuda National Gallery which opens Jan. 17.

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