Alexia Foundation Photo of Today – James Prichard

Elizabeth prays after lunch outside her home in Wheeling, West Virginia. Elizabeth has known God her whole life. After a short period of “walking away from God,” she dedicated her life to following Jesus again at age 18. Her father is a minister who, at one time, held large tent revivals throughout West Virginia and the surrounding areas. James Prichard/Alexia Foundation

The Alexia Foundation photo of today, Monday, is from James Prichard’s 2000 student runner-up project, “Fulfilling the spiritual desires of America’s diverse youth.”

In 2000, proposing his project, James Prichard wrote, “In the wake of school shootings that have focused much of the U.S. public’s attention on gun control and public school safety, America’s youth are quietly finding their own answers – not in policy, but in spirituality.”

His work looked to document this pursuit of faith amongst youth, whatever the religion may be, and show a contemporary youth religious movement that promised hope and peace for generations to come.”

The project shows young individuals immersed in two faiths, a group of Hare Krisna devotees, and 21-year-old Elizabeth Figel, a devout Christian who hoped to go into the ministry.

Today, on Christmas Eve in the Roman Catholic and other Christian faiths, we wish all people of all faiths as well as those without religious beliefs, a very happy holiday season and we hope for peace around the world.

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