Alexia Foundation Photo of Today – Mackenzie Reiss

Margaret Keenan, 10, keeps an eye on her her baby cousin, Kathleen. Mackenzie Reiss/Alexia Foundation

The Alexia Foundation photo of today, Thursday, is from Mackenzie Reiss’s 2011 student award of excellence project, “Ye People” about the Traveller population in Ireland.

The Travellers are a group of roughly 36,000 people that make up Ireland’s last nomadic society. Within Ireland, they face overwhelming levels of stigma and discrimination. They are labeled a “nuisance” in Dublin and other metropolitan areas.

The project “Ye People” is now available as a book.

Mackenzie’s work will be on display at the upcoming “Alexia: Images and Issues” exhibition on Jan. 23 in New York. RSVP today by emailing or calling 718.753.7607.

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