Watch: Tim Matsui and Mike Davis at Collaborations for Cause 2014

2012 Alexia Foundation Women’s Initiative recipient, Tim Matsui and Syracuse University Alexia Chair, Mike Davis, were recently presenters at Collaborations for Cause 2014 in Seattle. The conference, organized and presented by Blue Earth Alliance, brings together content producers and organizations for an exploration of how to harness the power of the evolving media landscape.

Using “The Long Night” as a case study, Matsui and Davis discussed securing funding for long-term documentary projects

The conference began with a special screening of “The Long Night,” the feature length documentary by Tim Matsui and MediaStorm which gives voice and meaning to the crisis of minors who are forced into the American sex trade. The project was made possible with the support of The Alexia Foundation.

Later in the weekend, Matsui and Davis discussed the Women’s Initiative Project. Matsui reflected on some of the particular challenges in this work. Using Matsui’s “Leaving the Life” and “The Long Night” as case studies, they also talked about how to secure funding for long-term documentary projects, reflecting on what organizations like The Alexia Foundation seek in their grant applications.

We are pleased to be able to share with you this video of the discussion, which was created by PhotoWings, an organization dedicated to utilizing the power of photography to further deep thinking, communication and action.

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