The Alexia at the Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad


The Alexia world tour continues.The Alexia Foundation will be exhibiting Where The River Runs Through by 2016 Professional Winner Aaron Vincent Elkaim at the Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad, India from Sept. 29-Oct. 9. The work will be on display at the State Art Gallery – MPCC, Madhapur.

The project documents and strives to understand the consequences of the Belo Monte Dam Complex, Brazil’s major hydroelectric expansion on the ecosystems, communities and industries within the Amazon Rainforest.

The Indian Photo Festival is a citywide, highly participatory event that takes place in arts and cultural venues, on the streets and in the communities of Hyderabad. In addition to exhibitions, there will be artist talks, panel discussions, screenings, workshops and portfolio reviews. It is an important opportunity for Alexia to reach a significant new public, as well as share Elkaim’s vital work on hydroelectricity, development and the environment.

The festival is organized by the Not-For-Profit Light Craft Foundation, which created the platform for professional and aspiring photographers, photography lovers and the general public to come together around photography while also using the medium to address social issues. The Alexia Foundation is a cultural partner of the festival.

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