Pushing Boundaries and Transcending Borders


After a screening of The Long Night, The Blue Stocking Institute, a small collective that focuses on raising awareness about gender inequality and gender based violence, was so moved that they raised money to support The Alexia Foundation.

“The film was excellent; and fascinating for an Australian audience given the different legal policy settings around sex work here. Tim was very generous with his time and a Q&A session afterwards; we had about 30 people attend a living-room screening which worked well,” they wrote.

“We wish the Alexia Foundation all the best in the future and hope that you can continue to support artists such as Tim, and cinematic work that pushes boundaries and transcends borders.”

We are so pleased to hear that The Long Night continues to have an impact, informing the world about the truth of commercial sex exploitation. We are honored to receive this recognition.

On this Giving Tuesday and the start of the holiday season, we ask that you think of the Alexia Foundation, a 501c3 organization. We hope that if you too have been moved by one of our projects, you will give generously. With your support, we can continue to make possible stories that drive change and change lives.

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