Nathaniel Brunt’s #shaheed at Toronto’s CONTACT Gallery

The 'Line of Control' separating India and Pakistan. (Summer 2014) Nathaniel Brunt

The ‘Line of Control’ separating India and Pakistan. (Summer 2014) Nathaniel Brunt/Alexia Foundation

With an opening reception tonight, Feb. 9, Nathaniel Brunt’s #shaheed will be on display in a solo exhibition at the Scotiabank CONTACT gallery in Torono, Canada until Mar. 25. #shaheed is a study of the war in Kashmir, the men fighting in it, and the changing relationship between technology and the representation of conflict.

The exhibition is comprised of black and white images taken in a traditional photojournalism style by Brunt during his multiple trips to the region between 2013 and 2016. It also includes nearly two hundred images given to him by Kashmiri families or collected online from social media. The images collected from outsides sources give a unique perspective on the conflict. They show how the militants see themselves and how they want to be seen.

According to CONTACT Gallery, “By including photographs created by non-professionals who are actively and intimately involved in the Valley’s conflict, [Brunt] steps away from the hierarchical distribution of photojournalism’s past, inviting a much more progressive and horizontal manner of contextualization and visual storytelling.”

The exhibition is part of of Brunt’s CONTACT Portfolio Award which he won in May of 2016 for #shaheed. Nathaniel Brunt was The Alexia 2016 student winner for #shaheed. His Alexia grant helped support this important work.

CONTACT Gallery is located at 80 Spalding Street Set 205 Toronto, Ontario M5V 2J4.

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