Mia Tramz: Stories That Drive Change Speaker Highlight

Still from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Courtesy of Mia Tramz.

Still from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Courtesy of Mia Tramz.

The next incredible speaker for Latin America: Stories That Drive Change we are featuring is Mia Tramz. Mia is the Managing Editor of LIFE VR, Time Inc’s company wide virtual reality initiative, responsible for developing and producing original experiences across the the media company’s 30+ titles, including TIME, Sports Illustrated, People, InStyle, Essence, and Travel + Leisure.

Since joining TIME as an Associate Photo Editor in 2013, Mia has embraced immersive digital storytelling in many forms, beginning with TIME’s first underwater 360 video, Deep Dive, with Fabien Cousteau and most recently culminating with her involvement shaping the editorial voice and strategy for LIFE VR.


LIFE VR launched as a multi-platform virtual reality brand in September 2016 with a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android; a hub on Samsung Gear VR; and non-linear interactive experiences launched for the FOVE and HTC Vive headsets.

“What Life was, back in its day, is what VR has the potential to become,” said Tramz to Digiday on the launch of LIFE VR.

The virtual reality and 360 degree videos Mia has created span a wide variety of themes and interests. The following are just a handful of examples. Defying the Nazi’s is a companion piece to Ken Burn’s documentary of the same name which gives users the experience of fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe. Lumen is a guided, non-linear mediation experience that leads users through breathing exercises and invites them to plant and grow trees. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story brings viewers directly into the filming of an action sequence on the plant Jedha from the movie Rough One.

Tramz is truly a leader and revolutionary thinker in the development of Virtual Reality and 360 video. Prior to coming to our seminar in Miami, she will be a panelist and mentor at South by Southwest. We are honored to have Mia on our Alexia Photojournalism Advisory Council and thrilled to be able to bring her to our Latin America: Stories That Drive Change seminar at the University of Miami School of Communication April 8 & 9 where she will be discussing and demonstrating the role VR and 360 video can have in visual storytelling.

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