AE Winner Kelly Creedon on her MediaStorm Workshop

TRAILER: In This World, Kelly Creedon‘s Alexia project.

In the latest installment of blog posts on the educational opportunities our student grant winners receive, we want to focus on the MediaStorm One-Day Master Class. For Kelly Creedon, a 2015 Award of Excellence Winner, the Master Class was a time to explore the theory and methodology of MediaStorm’s unique documentary style and approach.

The Master Class helps attendees understand the tremendous business and storytelling opportunities that exist in the video space. Led by MediaStorm founder and Alexia Photojournalism Committee Member Brian Storm, the topics range from the MediaStorm process of pairing with photographers and filmmakers, practical and ethical choices in the field and in the editing suite, and the MediaStorm business model and distribution platforms.

“For me, I think the most valuable lessons from the workshop were the behind-the-scenes insights into the process of making some of the MediaStorm pieces,” said Creedon. “While I had already seen many of the final products, it was so enlightening to understand the many challenges and hard choices that went into forming the polished pieces.”

Creedon also appreciated the opportunity to interact one-on-one with Brian and many of the other participants throughout the day. The room was full of a diverse range of participants who asked thoughtful questions that fostered discussion and enriched the experience, said Creedon.

For Storm, working with Alexia grant recipients is particularly satisfying. He wants to help them understand the powerful lift adding video to their reporting process provides in terms of telling a more complete story and in adding various distribution opportunities that improve both audience reach and revenue.

“Alexia winners are the cream of the crop in our profession,” explains Brian. “They are our top storytellers and that is who I most want to invest in because they will tell the most important stories in the future.”

Thank you, MediaStorm for inspiring Alexia student grantees learn how to tell those important stories. So far, Creedon’s Alexia grant winning project, In This World, has screened at 20 prestigious film festivals across the country including the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, the New Orleans Film Festival and the Louisville International Festival of Film. It has been honored with numerous awards including a second place in Pictures of the Year International. We look forward to sharing more of Creedon’s powerful work in the future.

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