Kelly Creedon’s “In This World” Premieres Online – as Vimeo Staff Pick and Reel South Film

In This World, a short documentary film by Kelly Creedon, made its online debut on Monday. It launched as part of Reel South, a PBS program that features acclaimed documentary films about the American South, and as a Vimeo Staff Pick, a select group of videos that the streaming service’s staff “really, really love.” The film had already been screened at twenty major film festivals throughout the U.S., has won a number of significant awards, and was named Worth Watching #156 by MediaStorm’s Eric Maierson this week.

In This World, tells the story of Courvosier “Vosiey” Cox, a precocious 15-year-old boy. Organizing and publicizing showcases himself, he is determined to make it in show business as a way to leave behind his poverty and take care of his family. Creedon received an Alexia Award of Excellence Grant in 2015 in support of this work.

Field Studio Films described it as a “beautiful short doc” that “has heart and joy to spare—but nuance, too. You’ve just got to watch,” they exhort, calling the work, “refreshing + important.”

Creedon, in an extended Alexia interview, spoke with us about the film and why Voisey’s story needed to be told.

“15 is an important year in the transition from childhood to young adulthood,” explained Creedon. “It’s a time when we start to gain independence and have the opportunity to make decisions that can have long-term consequences, without necessarily having the maturity to understand the implications of those decisions.

“In Vosiey’s case,” she continued, “I think the stakes are even higher. As a young person of color from a family with limited resources, he doesn’t always have access to the networks of support that would help him make good decisions. And because of the realities of institutionalized racism and discrimination against young Black men, the consequences of his decisions have the potential to be much more severe than for white teens.”

Creedon’s awareness of the issues Vosiey faced was prescient. In 2016, Vosiey was arrested for over three dozen theft-related charges. Raleigh’s News and Observer published a lengthy article on his predicament before the judgement was made. You can read that article for more background here. In May 2017, he pled guilty to three felony charges and received a term of supervised probation and restitution. The judge, however, did allow Cox to take a previously planned two-week trip to Los Angeles where he intended to pursue his big break.

Take 15 minutes today or this weekend to meet the charming Voisey and consider his life by seeing In This World. You can view it here, on our website, or through the other channels linked to above.

We’re proud to have supported this project. We’d love to hear your reaction to it. Please let us know what you thought in the comments.

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