Interview with Monica Jorge: On Documenting Alzheimer’s and Dementia Within Her Family

January 29, 2017 - Newington, Connecticut:  My grandmother, Maria, waits for my grandfather to stand up from a chair in the center of their cramped bathroom and exit the bathroom on his own during a morning routine on January 29, 2017.  My grandmother insists that he do as much as he physically can.  Certain days he is able to do most on his own but during recent months he has had medical issues which have made it much harder and required more physical assistance from Maria.

This past April, Monica Jorge was awarded the Alexia First Place Student Grant for My Grandfather’s Keeper which intimately documents the sacrifices of senior spouses unprepared for care taking. By focusing on the experience of her own grandmother, Jorge provides an account of how a wife became a nurse and the difficulties that lie in this new life.

In this new interview with Jorge, we discuss what this project means, how she is accomplishing it, and what impact she hopes it will have. Continue reading