Nathaniel Brunt’s #shaheed at Toronto’s CONTACT Gallery


With an opening reception tonight, Feb. 9, Nathaniel Brunt’s #shaheed will be on display in a solo exhibition at the Scotiabank CONTACT gallery in Torono, Canada until Mar. 25. #shaheed is a study of the war in Kashmir, the men fighting in it, and the changing relationship between technology and the representation of conflict.

Nathaniel Brunt was The Alexia 2016 student winner for #shaheed. His Alexia grant helped support this important work. Continue reading

UPDATE: Nathaniel Brunt Speaks About #shaheed

Clippings from the dailies. 2013- 2016. Nathaniel Brunt/Alexia Foundation

This past April, Nathaniel Brunt was awarded the first place Student Grant for his project #shaheed. The work is a study of war in the Kashmir Valley, the young local men fighting in it, and the changing relationship between communication technologies, visual representations of conflict, and image-making at this time.

In this new interview with Brunt, we speak with him about the roots of the conflict and his plans for the project.

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Running for Cover: Politics, Justice and Media in the Syrian Conflict


The first ever conference of its kind, Running for Cover: Politics, Justice and Media in the Syrian Conflict, will be held on October 6 at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

The focus of this daylong event will be accountability in the Syrian conflict. Policy makers and media leaders will analyze the international community’s response to the Syrian conflict as well as discuss the challenges in reporting the war, developing political solutions and seeking justice for victims. Award-winning photography and 360° video from the region will be shown.

All events are free. The public is invited to attend.
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This is What a Photograph Can Do

Bunia, August 2003. 3 youths ranging from a boy to adolescent to young man all bear arms in the same Lendu militia unit on the road between Bunia and Marabou where killings occurred regularly. Roger LeMoyne/Alexia Foundation

Damien Roussat visited the U.N. Headquarters in New York as a young man in 2006 when The Alexia Foundation had its exhibition Eyes on the World on display. Last month, Roussat reached out to us. One of the photographs there had shaken his worldview and changed the course of his life. This is the power of the photograph. This is why we believe in and support photography that drives change. Continue reading

“Gold, Guns and Germs: The Effects of Conflict in the DR Congo” by Roger LeMoyne

Boys under 18 years of age are separated from adult fighters at the Mushaki Congolese National Army military camp on March 22, 2005.  The young boys will go to a child soldier demobilization program run by UNICEF in Goma. Roger LeMoyne/Alexia Foundation

Roger LeMoyne’s 2004 professional project, “Gold, Guns and Germs: The Effects of Conflict in the DR Congo” looks at the impact of conflict on the civilian population of the region. Particularly, the work focuses on the children who have been … Continue reading

“Afghanistan – Between War And Peace” by Balazs Gardi

Afghan men sit in a tea house in Bamyan on October 14, 2004. A nation shattered by wars, droughts, and earthquakes looks for signs of stability amid an uneasy peace. The country held its first-ever direct presidential election that was also a major test of the U.S.-led nation-building efforts since the 2001 ouster of the Taliban. Balazs Gardi/Alexia Foundation

In 2006 Balazs Gardi was awarded the Alexia Professional Grant for his work “Afghanistan – Between War And Peace.” The project documented Afghanistan, a nation shattered by wars, droughts and earthquakes, looking for signs of stability amid an uneasy peace. … Continue reading

Dijana Muminovic Publishes “Secrets of Lake Perućac”


Dijana Muminovic, the 2013 Alexia Second Place Student Winner, has published the e-book, “Secrets of Lake Perućac.” The book combines images from Dijana’s “Beneath My Land: Exhuming Victims of the Bosnian Genocide,” with the experiences of those connected to Lake … Continue reading

“The New Culture of Violence in Latin America” from Sebastián Liste

CARACAS, VENEZUELA - APRIL 2013: "Sicario" showing his gun. He is just 18 years old and he already killed more than 30 people. Those armed kids control the drug traffic in their neighborhood close from downtown Caracas, Venezuela. In Venezuela more than 25,000 people got killed 2013. The number of killed has risen steadily since Hugo Chavez took the power of the country in 1999. Sebastian Liste/Reportage for Getty Images

As we announced last week, Sebastián Liste has been named the recipient of the 2014 Alexia Foundation Professional Grant. His work, “The New Culture of Violence in Latin America,” examines the violence that, having begun with the brutality of the … Continue reading

Marcus Bleasdale Photos Help Compel Intel to Stop Using Conflict Minerals

62 year old Madalene shows sores that are all over her body as a result of drinking the water from the wells near the pipeline. Bacteria from the forest now runs into all of the well water in the area making it dangerous to drink. Yet the closest alternative well is 8 km away and many are forced to use the polluted sources resulting in sickness. The consortium has been aware of this situation for 4 years and has done nothing. In this town 75% of the residents now suffer from waterborne illnesses. Marcus Bleasdale/Alexia Foundation

Marcus Bleasdale, the 2005 Alexia Professional Grantee, has shown the world that photography truly can drive change. Intel, the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips, has vowed to use only ethically sourced minerals in their microprocessors. Microprocessors are present in … Continue reading