Sara Naomi Lewkowicz Wins 2014 L’Iris D’Or

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz has been awarded this year’s L’Iris d’Or from the Sony World Photography Awards. It is the most distinguished award from the competition, representing the pinnacle of more than 140,000 entries received from 166 countries. This photographer is … Continue reading

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz: Witness to Domestic Violence

Today’s photo is from Sara Naomi Lewkowicz 2013 Winning Student Project, “Shane and Maggie: An Intimate Look at Domestic Violence.” Sara became an inadvertent witness to a brutal instance of domestic violence. She began her work documenting Shane. She wanted … Continue reading

The Robe – Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

There was one girl, recently, whose story hit me little harder. She was giving a guy oral sex when they walked up to the car. She was 19 and high on heroin. Although she’s a pimp-less ‘renegade,’ she was turned … Continue reading

Natalie – Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

When I felt the first sweat, I was sitting on the floor, in thick brown carpet, with my back to the wood stove. My mouth started to water, filling with that metallic taste accompanying…. there it was. Stomach cramp. I … Continue reading

Leslie – Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

She offered me tea when I arrived. I accepted; a mug of green. While she prepared it, I looked around her office, an interior room in the building. Her desk was far cleaner than mine, and her book shelf held … Continue reading

OPS – Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

I sat, on the end of the row of chairs, feeling like the journalist. The outsider, the observer, the untrusted. Not because my intention is exploitive, but because I don’t directly help people. I tell stories, hoping the people who … Continue reading

JT – Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

I met James on a cold, clear night. There was a rally for the homeless in Westlake Park, in downtown Seattle. James was clean and sober and in search of housing. He’s been in and out of prison over the … Continue reading

On Aurora – Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

At the end of August, the Alexia Foundation awarded the Women’s Initiative Grant to Tim Matsui to document domestic minor sex trafficking in the Seattle Area. Tim is now well into the project. As he progresses, he will be sharing … Continue reading