The Motel, Part 1: Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

Photo by Tim Matsui for his post, The Hotel.

There’s a series of low-slung motels along Pacific Highway South. They sit side-by-side, their balcony-style hallways shouting distance apart. Every day, thousands of cars stream along the median-split thoroughfare, passing weathered signs and week-long specials. I visited one motel regularly, … Continue reading

“The Long Night” Coming Soon from MediaStorm, Tim Matsui and The Alexia Foundation

The Long Night by Tim Matsui and MediaStorm screened to a rapt audience on in November.

The Alexia Foundation is excited to share the trailer for The Long Night, Tim Matsui and MediaStorm‘s profound examination of domestic minor sex trafficking in the United States, produced with the support of The Alexia Foundation. Set in Seattle, the … Continue reading

Alexia Foundation Photo of Today – Matthew Lutton

An East African immigrant and her son receive a housing voucher for a couple of nights stay at a motel from a staff member of the ROAR (Referrals, Opportunities, Advocacy and Resources) of Washington. Matthew Lutton/Alexia Foundation

The Alexia Foundation photo of today, Wednesday, is from Matthew Lutton’s 2007 student project, “Homeless in Seattle.” The work is a documentary about the diverse and growing homeless community in Seattle. It began as a collaboration with charities assisting the … Continue reading