Alexia’s Camillo Pasquarelli at Indian Photography Festival in Hyderabad

From Sept. 21-Oct. 8, The endless winter of Kashmir by Camillo Pasquarelli will be on display as part of the Indian Photography Festival in the MPCC of the State Art Museum in Hyderabad, India. It is being exhibited on behalf of the Alexia Foundation. The Indian Photography Festival creates a platform for professional and aspiring photographers, while also addressing social issues through the medium of photography.

The Indian Photography Festival will be an opportunity for a large audience to see Pasquarelli’s important work and think deeply on the conflict in Kashmir. The Alexia Foundation is proud to be a cultural partner of the festival and glad that Pasquarelli’s photographs will be included in the event. Continue reading

Camillo Pasquarelli Wins Px3 & MIFA Awards

Camillo Pasquarelli has been awarded a Silver in the General News category of the non-professional division of the Prix de la Photographic Paris and a Second Place prize in the Editorial category of the Amateur division in the Moscow International Foto Awards. Both prizes were given in recognition of The endless winter of Kashmir, which depicts the struggle of the Kashmiri people trapped in an endless winter of suffering waiting for the spring of azadi, freedom. Continue reading

Nathaniel Brunt’s #shaheed at Toronto’s CONTACT Gallery

With an opening reception tonight, Feb. 9, Nathaniel Brunt’s #shaheed will be on display in a solo exhibition at the Scotiabank CONTACT gallery in Torono, Canada until Mar. 25. #shaheed is a study of the war in Kashmir, the men fighting in it, and the changing relationship between technology and the representation of conflict.

Nathaniel Brunt was The Alexia 2016 student winner for #shaheed. His Alexia grant helped support this important work. Continue reading

Undesired at Brooklyn Human Rights Film Festival

We are pleased to share the news that Undesired will be featured as part of Amnesty International’s Brooklyn Human Rights Film Festival this week. The festival is screening short films on human rights and social justice, focusing on women’s rights, refugees and incarceration.

Undesired was produced by Walter Astrada, our 2009 professional winner, and MediaStorm. It was made possible by the funding of The Alexia Foundation. Continue reading

UPDATE: Nathaniel Brunt Speaks About #shaheed

This past April, Nathaniel Brunt was awarded the first place Student Grant for his project #shaheed. The work is a study of war in the Kashmir Valley, the young local men fighting in it, and the changing relationship between communication technologies, visual representations of conflict, and image-making at this time.

In this new interview with Brunt, we speak with him about the roots of the conflict and his plans for the project.

Continue reading

The Alexia at the Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad

The Alexia Foundation will be exhibiting Where The River Runs Through, by 2016 Professional Winner Aaron Vincent Elkaim at the Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad, India from Sept. 29-Oct. 9. The work will be on display at the State Art Gallery – MPCC, Madhapur.

The project documents and strives to understand the consequences of the Belo Monte Dam Complex, Brazil’s major hydroelectric expansion on the ecosystems, communities and industries within the Amazon Rainforest. Continue reading

Shehab Uddin Shows Life of Pavement Dwellers in South Asian Megacities

“Thousands of people sleep, stay and spend the day on the sidewalks and pavements of Dhaka and Kolkata. Initially arriving as migrants lured to the capital by the promise of better opportunities, they engage in a variety of activities to … Continue reading

Stephanie Sinclair’s “The Bride Price”

Stephanie Sinclair received the Alexia Professional Grant in 2008 for her work, “The Bride Price” which would document child marriage in India. At the time of the grant, Stephanie had already examined the issue in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Nepal, among … Continue reading

Alexia Grantees Take Top Prizes in CPOY

The judging for CPOY, the College Photographer of the Year competition, has concluded. We are proud to say that 2013 Alexia Grantees, Student Winner, Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, and Souvid Datta, Student Award of Excellence Recipient, have taken top honors in … Continue reading

Stephanie Sinclair, Unveiling Child Marriage in India

For nearly a decade, Stephanie Sinclair has traveled throughout the world, documenting child marriage. She has shown the issue in Afghanistan, Nepal, Ethiopia and numerous other places. Stephanie has turned her work into a movement, helping found Too Young to … Continue reading