Mary F. Calvert on ‘Missing in Action: Homeless Women Veterans’ 


In a new Alexia Foundation video, Mary F. Calvert discusses her Women’s Initiative Project, ‘Missing in Action: Homeless Women Veterans.’ The project will be on display at the ‘Alexia at 25′ exhibition this week from June 13-19 at the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. Continue reading

‘Alexia at 25′ Exhibit at LOOK3 Open June 13-19


There are only a handful of days remaining before the opening of Alexia at 25 at LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. Make plans to join us in Charlottesville, Va. June 13-19. Continue reading

Mary F. Calvert Wins World Press Photo First Prize, Long-Term Projects

From Mary F. Calvert's First Prize World Press project.

Mary F. Calvert has won First Prize in World Press Photo’s Long-Term Project category for her work “Sexual Assault in America’s Military.” The Alexia Foundation is proud to have been able to help fund this vital work through our Women’s Initiative Grant. Continue reading

The New York Times Discusses Mary F. Calvert’s Photography on Sexual Assault in the Military

Mary F. Calvert in the NYTimes.

Photography by 2014 Alexia Women’s Initiative Recipient Mary F. Calvert is featured by The New York Times in a new Lens post entitled, “Surviving Rape in the Military.” The article speaks with Calvert about how she came to tackle the … Continue reading

Mary F. Calvert Featured in NPPA’s Words on Pictures Series

Melissa Bania, holds her banner, before hanging it on the foot bridge across from the entrance to Naval Station San Diego. US Navy Military Sexual Trauma survivors got together at Brittany Fintel's San Diego, California home to make banners inscribed with their sexual assault experiences in the US Navy. That evening, under cover of darkness, they hung them on a foot bridge in front of the entrance to Naval Station San Diego. Mary F. Calvert

In the latest chapter in the NPPA’s Words on Pictures Series, NPPA News Photographer Editor Donald Winslow interviewed Mary F. Calvert about her powerful work on sexual violence in the U.S. Military and what winning the Alexia Foundation 2014 Women’s … Continue reading

Announcing the 2014 Alexia Foundation Women’s Initiative Grant Recipient

Connie Sue Foss was raped while in the US Army and hasn't been able to hold down a job to care for herself and her daughter. She bears scars from punching a window during a PTSD episode and holds a molar she lost from grinding her teeth at night. Mary F. Calvert

The Alexia Foundation is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2014 Women’s Initiative Grant is Mary F. Calvert, an independent photojournalist based in the United States. Calvert will utilize the $25,000 grant for her project “Missing in Action: … Continue reading