Tim Matsui on Minor Sex Trafficking

Tim Matsui received our first Women’s Initiative grant in October of 2012. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to telling the stories of the girls and young women whose lives have been torn apart by minor sex trafficking in … Continue reading

The Motel, Part 2: Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

I happened to drop in one evening when Lisa wanted to do a movie and dinner in Jane’s motel room. Lisa wasn’t there yet, so I accompanied Jane to the grocery store across the street. Jane left home at 13, … Continue reading

The Motel, Part 1: Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

There’s a series of low-slung motels along Pacific Highway South. They sit side-by-side, their balcony-style hallways shouting distance apart. Every day, thousands of cars stream along the median-split thoroughfare, passing weathered signs and week-long specials. I visited one motel regularly, … Continue reading

“The Long Night” Coming Soon from MediaStorm, Tim Matsui and The Alexia Foundation

The Alexia Foundation is excited to share the trailer for The Long Night, Tim Matsui and MediaStorm‘s profound examination of domestic minor sex trafficking in the United States, produced with the support of The Alexia Foundation. Set in Seattle, the … Continue reading

Tim Matsui documents Sex Trafficking

Over the course of three years, Tim Matsui documented human trafficking in Cambodia. His work on sex trafficking there was one of the powerful chapters of this work. He showed the world the poverty that drives the women to work … Continue reading

The Alexia Foundation on Violence Against Women

Violence against women takes many forms which can be seen in a number of the projects The Alexia Foundation has supported for 23 years. One type of violence is overwhelming violence, the violence that is wholly gender based and clear … Continue reading

Tom, A Father’s Search for His Daughter – Women’s Initiative Update by Tim Matsui

He’s a big man, tall and broad in the shoulder, with large hands. They are no longer rough and calloused, like I imagine they were when he was a trucker. The deep huskiness of his voice, a smoker’s, lends itself … Continue reading

Lisa: The First Detox – Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

Mid morning, I forget the day, and she texted. ALL CAPS. I used to have a regular work schedule, but with some of the late nights I’ve been keeping it’s been hard. First it was riding with the cops, on … Continue reading

The Sting and a Changing of the Guard – Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

It was scheduled for two nights, and the list of players was long. FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Seattle Police, Sheriff’s Office, SeaTac police, and some others. They slip my mind. The sting was a joint operation, run by the … Continue reading

The Robe – Women’s Initiative Update from Tim Matsui

There was one girl, recently, whose story hit me little harder. She was giving a guy oral sex when they walked up to the car. She was 19 and high on heroin. Although she’s a pimp-less ‘renegade,’ she was turned … Continue reading