Alexia in New Zealand: Lectures, Discussions, Radio Shows, Exhibitions & More

Last week, Alexia Foundation Executive Administrator James Dooley was a key participant in the the Auckland Festival of Photography, a city-wide contemporary art and cultural event which takes place in Auckland’s major galleries, project spaces, non-gallery venues and public sites during June annually. It is the largest festival of photography in New Zealand.

“My goal was to show the importance and depth of serious documentary work that needs to be done, needs to be shown and exposed, and these projects and many, many others were done with the support of The Alexia Foundation,” explained Dooley on the Auckland Festival was something he thought The Alexia Foundation should participate in. Continue reading

The Alexia Foundation at the Auckland Festival of Photography

For the second consecutive year, The Alexia Foundation will be taking part in the Auckland Festival of Photography. The festival, which runs from June 1-June 24, is a citywide contemporary art and cultural event which takes place within Auckland, New Zealand’s major galleries, project spaces, non-gallery venues and public sites. Its purpose is to further the presence and awareness of photography.

At the festival, Alexia Executive Administrator James Dooley will be discussing The Alexia Foundation’s work, reviewing portfolios, and participating in a panel discussion on culture and identity in photography. Continue reading

Five Alexia Photographers Honored by The Pixel Project for Fighting Violence Against Women

The Pixel Project project has published its list of photographers who support the cause to end violence against women as part of its “16 for 16” campaign against gender violence. Of the 16 photographers named, five are Alexia Foundation grantees. … Continue reading

How Do Our Professional Grants Make a Difference?

If you could help make possible some of the most important and moving stories of today, would you? You can, by contributing to The Alexia Foundation. Since 1997, The Alexia Foundation has been making generous grants to compassionate, dedicated storytellers … Continue reading

Undesired: Selective Sex Abortion in India by Walter Astrada

Yesterday, we dedicated a post to looking at some of the images Alexia Grantees have produced on violence against women. Among those photos were works by Walter Astrada, a man who has spent more than six years examining the theme … Continue reading

The Alexia Foundation on Violence Against Women

Violence against women takes many forms which can be seen in a number of the projects The Alexia Foundation has supported for 23 years. One type of violence is overwhelming violence, the violence that is wholly gender based and clear … Continue reading

Photographer Updates – Vitale, Black, Matsui, Choudhary, Orlinsky, Padilla, Palu, Zizola, Bleasdale, Shaw, Astrada

In our photographer updates, we feature a list of recent works, prizes, publications and other important news from Alexia grantees past and present. Ami Vitale’s film, “Bangladesh: A Climate Trap” won a Rising Star Award at the 2013 Canada International … Continue reading

Photographer Updates: Palu, Berg, Ferdous, Capozziello, Eich, Sinclair, Bleasdale, Lynch & Astrada

In our photographer updates, we feature a list of recent works, prizes and publications by Alexia grantees past and present. This year Louie Palu, 2010 Alexia grantee, criss-crossed more than 3,000 kilometres of the US-Mexico border to tell the story … Continue reading

Eyes on the World at the Bermuda National Gallery

The Alexia Foundation is joining with the Bermuda National Gallery for an exhibition and education seminar featuring the work of student and professional Alexia winners. The exhibition, “Eyes On The World” will open Thursday, Jan. 17, at the Bermuda National … Continue reading

Interview with Photographer Walter Astrada

Alexia Foundation: Why are you a photographer? Walter Astrada: It all began when I was very young. When I was 13, I went to a photo exhibition of the Cross-Andes Photographer Association. While looking at the photos, some of them … Continue reading