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26th of February 2015


Photo by Paolo Marchetti, 2015 Alexia Professional Winner

Announcing the 2015 Alexia Foundation Grant Recipients

The Alexia Foundation is pleased to announce that we have selected the recipients of our 2015 Grants. Paolo Marchetti has been awarded the 2015 Professional Grant. Michael Santiago has been named the 2015 Student Winner.

Paolo Marchetti of Rome, Italy, will utilize the $20,000 grant for his project “The Price of Vanity.” The work will document the brutality of intensive breeding farms used worldwide to produce skins and furs for the high-end fashion industry.

Michael Santiago, a senior at the San Francisco Art Institute, was named the student winner for his project, “Stolen Land, Stolen Future.” The work will document the lives of black farmers, who have fought to acquire and maintain land throughout the country, despite facing extreme difficulty along the way.

The student runner-up is Rahul Talukder from the Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for his project "Collapse of Rana Plaza," which will follow the survivors of the Rana Plaza collapse and the dependents of those who died.

Kelly Creedon of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for her project “Being 15: Navigating Adolescence as a Young Black Male”, Md Shahnewaz Khan of The Photoart Institute in Chittagong, Bangladesh for his project in his project “Fallen Stars,” and Alcee Walker of the School of the Visual Arts in New York for his work “Pain of Love,” were named Award of Excellence Recipients.

Finally, Ata Ranjbar Zidanlo of Khabarnegaran College in Iran was honored with a Judge’s Special Recognition award for his project “Addiction of Women to Drugs in Iran.”

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