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This project aims to document the lives of six immigrant or refugee families who are recent arrivals to Austin, Texas. Through photographs of their daily lives, I will put local names and personalities behind anonymous evening-news masses.
Ted Warren

1995 — student award of excellence

Austin, Texas, is home to a large population of immigrants and refugees who represent every country and crisis featured on evening newscasts and newspaper front pages. Because they often live in closed communities or seek support only from other immigrants or family members, public awareness of the lives of immigrant families in Austin is low.

This project features photographs of a single male from Cuba, and families from Haiti and Vietnam. They were all assisted with their move to Austin by volunteers and staff members of CARITAS, a Catholic charity organization that handles refugee and resettlement cases..

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Hue Nguyen and five of his twelve children arrive in Austin after a 30-hour journey from Vietnam. Hue's status as a former officer in the South Vietnamese Army helped him obtain refugee status in the United States. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation
Hue Nguyen, left, is given a Vietnamese ointment treatment by his wife Duty, right, as he sits at home after recovering from a stroke suffered about a month after he arrived in Austin. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation
Alex Pupo, who arrived in the U.S. after five harrowing days on a raft from Cuba and then was re-located to Austin after being granted refugee and re-settlement status by the U.S. government, demonstrates the use of a sewing machine at the store where he got his first job as a refugee. Alex gave the demonstration in Spanish, and the couple spoke primarily Chinese, but they bought the machine just the same. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation
Huy Nguyen, who immigrated to Austin with his family from Vietnam, receives a haircut from a cousin in the backyard of their home in Austin. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation
Alex Pupo talks about his life in Cuba and his journey to the U.S. on a Spanish-language radio show in Austin. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation
Alex found romance for a while with Karen Fleshman, an English teacher with the refugee organization that helped Alex settle in Austin. Here they dance at a Puerto Rican bar and restaurant popular with Cubans in Austin. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation
Alex views some of the slides from my on-going project documenting his life. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation
Alex displays the head of a live pig that he butchered for a party in Austin. Cubans will buy and butcher live pigs because it is an economical way to feed a large number of people, and Alex was well-known in Cuba for his butchering skills. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation
Jean-Luc Gustin claims his suitcase from the airport in Austin after he arrived as a refugee from Haiti. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation
Maxino Gustin, left, is held by her mother, Aline, after their arrival in Austin from Haiti. Ted Warren/Alexia Foundation