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The images depict the psychological state of Ukraine while it is looking at the future during times of war haunted by its past and memory.
David Denil

2017 — student award of excellence

In 1991, Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union in the aftermath of its dissolution at the end of the Cold War. Following independence, Ukraine declared itself a neutral state.
In 2013, protests against the government of President Yanukovych broke out in downtown Kiev after the government made the decision to suspend the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement and seek closer economic ties with Russia. This began a several-months-long wave of demonstrations and protests known as the Euromaidan, which later escalated into the 2014 Ukrainian revolution that ultimately resulted in the overthrowing of Yanukovych and the establishment of a new government. These events precipitated the annexation of Crimea by Russia in March 2014, and the War in Donbass in March 2014; both are still ongoing.

'Let Us Not Fall Asleep While Walking' depicts the psychological state of this Ukraine while it is looking at the future haunted by its past and memory. The images are metaphorical representations of the everyday life where time seems frozen but dreams and hope linger.

At the moment the series contains about 150 images. For the next chapter I want to explore the lives of the people directly involved in the affected areas in Donbas as an extension on the work so far. The purpose is to integrate a deeper context and understanding of the crisis itself. I have no intention to represent the actual situation of the active war but will approach this by conceptualizing these ideas and workflow even further, to visualize the essential struggles and doubt the people experience.
In the final stage, all elements will be combined within the narrative of a book.

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