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In an effort to chart his own survival, the filmmaker attempts to bring his family together for a family dinner—the first one of his lifetime.
Alcee H. Walker

2015 — student

About Alcee H. Walker

Alcee H. Walker grew up in West Palm Beach, FL and attended St. Lawrence University in NY where he graduated with a B.A in Communications, and Film minor in Education in 2011. He graduated in May 2014 from the School of Visual Arts with a Masters Fine Arts degree in Social Documentary. Alcee plans to aim all of his future work towards younger teens, with a huge inspiration from John Singleton, Spike Lee, Felix Gray Gray and Martin Lawrence. 

Pain of Love is a documentary that examines the lives of a multiracial family in West Palm Beach, Florida to explore the issues of family life, money, and violence. Behind the street-wise, often-humorous characters are hidden hardships and shrugged-off pain. 

This film explores the life of the filmmaker, having grown up in a dysfunctional family and having survived a nightmare childhood. It is the story of the emotional legacy of a broken family and the lasting effects of childhood trauma. In the film, The filmmaker is like a tour guide taking the viewer through a dysfunctional world.  His mother and father lives spiraled out of control because of drugs, alcohol, poverty, lack of education and poor choices. Their children suffered the consequences of their actions and irresponsibility. Pain of Love will take viewers to an American world where hustling often matters more than schooling, gun violence hides on the peripheries of daily life, and dreams of a bright future are challenging to sustain. 

Alcee Walker, a graduate student, is the oldest son of three siblings. When he goes home to visit West Palm Beach, Florida, a recognizable pattern of family life emerges. His sisters closest in age, Ashley and Barbara, tease him about being a college boy at the same time they praise him his for accomplishments. But this family is also far from the nuclear ideal and faces different challenges than a normal middle-class family. The three siblings all share a mother, but come from three different fathers and live scattered across multiple homes. None of them have lived consistently in a two-parent home and have been raised by multiple figures: grandparents, aunts, and family friends. A few of the siblings have seen death strike too close to home and been without parental guidance for years. The crowds they run with are younger and like them, have been without stable homes.

Although, the older ones have turned to crime as a way to make ends meet. Asheley, Barbara, and Alcee all followed a pattern their parents showed them and sold drugs or stole at some point during their teenage years. Their mother Lynn, who had her first child at thirteen, is currently under house arrest for shoplifting and has been “picking up things that don’t belong to her” for decades. Their fathers all sold drugs and at least two of them were involved in gang violence. Alcee’s father lives dollar-to-dollar to keep a can of beer in hand, even if at fifty years old he can’t afford to take or sling cocaine anymore.

The Pain of Love will sit down with these diverse family members to explore their connections to each other, their current motivations, and the ways they are forging their own paths forward; although the characters are blood-relatives, in many ways their bonds are loose and their lives independent. 

The problems they face are familiar to many American families – maintaining ties as kids get older, dealing with two-parent homes, reconciling with estranged family members, and making ends meet. Whether viewers walk away feeling relieved to see a reflection of their own trials or simply grateful for their own advantages, Pain of Love opens up an often-overlooked way of life and creates greater understanding.

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This is Alcee Walker talking to a group of endangered young men in his hometown West Palm Beach, FL at Forest Hill High School. Alcee Walker
This is Alcee Walker seeing his siblings for the first time in many years. He is trying to convince them to come to the family dinner. They both refuse. Alcee Walker
This is Barbara Walker. Alcee is catching up with her to see how she is doing. He is trying to explain to her why she should come to the family dinner. Alcee Walker
This is Alcee's little sister Ashley. He was trying to give her support on how to change her life and tries to convince her why she should come to the family dinner. Alcee Walker
This is the mother Caurise Walker. Alcee is trying to tell her why he wants to bring the family together for a dinner. She is not into the whole idea. Alcee Walker
This is Andre, Alcee's Father. Alcee is trying to tell him why he should come to the family dinner but his father starts to talk about the women he’s been sleeping with and the STD's he has had in his life time. Alcee Walker