The Geographic Reach of Our Work

The Alexia Foundation's Global Impact

The wide reach of the Alexia Foundation becomes stunningly clear as you read the following list of more than 140 real life stories from across the globe. Alexia photojournalists produce in-depth essays that touch your heart, feed your mind and, most importantly, move you to action.



Traces: A Virtual Reality Exploration of Memory in Dementia

Chavi: Boyhood, Adolescence and Belonging in the Bronx

A Migrant's Mission

Stolen Land, Stolen Future: The Legacy of Black Farmers in the United States

In This World: Navigating Adolescence as a Young Black Male

The Pain of Love: Mending the Emotional Toll of a Broken Family

Missing in Action: Homeless Female Veterans

Hip Hop, Save Me: The Struggle to Provide for a Family in an Impoverished City

New Roots: Refugees Resettling in America

Shane and Maggie: An Intimate Look at Domestic Violence

Violent Times: Crime in America's Cities

Preservation: Surviving Sexual Violence 

Heaven's Gain: Urban Gun Violence

Leaving the Life: Stories of the Survivors of Prostitution and Pimping

Justice Undone: Incarceration Among America's Minorities

Keg Stand Queens: Binge Drinking Among College-Aged Women

The Silence of 'Others': Life in an Islamo-phobic Society

Adrift: Appalachia's Prescription Drug Epidemic

Teenage Girls in Trouble

The Life Of Jacob Rowe: Depression in an American Youth

Inseparable Ties: Family Bonds in Appalachia

Kinship in Rural Eastern Kentucky

Destiny: A Child of Drug-Addicted Mother in Appalachia

Carry Me Ohio: The Cycle of Poverty in Appalachia

Kettleman City: Life in a Toxic Environment

Motel Life: Living on the Edge in Appalachia

74th + Roosevelt: Stories from the Streets of Jackson Heights, Queens

Homeless in Seattle

The Achievement Gap

Traces of Tibet in Exile

Retirees in Arizona

Muslim Women in Western Cultures

Latchkey Kids

Cuban Families

Street Where Nobody Lives: Northern California's Homeless Teens

Sovereignty In Native American Montana

The Forgotten Black Okies: A Lost Journey into a Land of Broken Promises

For God, Race and Country

The Other Side of Middletown

Portland's Hare Krishna Community

The Vanishing Black Towns of Texas

The East Fayette Street Project

Fighting to Get Out

No Looking Back: A Two-Year Old Orphan's Adoption Journey from Siberia to Dallas

The Projects

Fulfilling the Spiritual Desires of America’s Diverse Youth

After Divorce

One Native American Woman's Life

Building a Family: Adoption by Same-Sex Partners

September 11, 2001: An Awakening of Fear, Pride, Anger, Patriotism & Sorrow

Middle Class American High School

Down in Dixie: The Battle to Remove the Confederate Flag in South Carolina

War, West Virginia

Drug Abuse within a Family

Caring for a Child with HIV & Cancer

Jean-Louis: A Family Portrait of Asylum from Haiti

Immigrants and Refugees in Austin: A Photographic Documentary

The Will to Change: Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration

The Transbay Terminal: San Francisco's Destitute Gateway

Living in Two Worlds

To Live in Harlem

An American Struggle: Poverty on South Dakota's Indian Reservations

Black Soil: Missouri's African-American Farmers

A New Vision of the Texas Prison System

Making a Living and a Marriage

One of the Boys

The Beauty of Mother Washington

American Prisons

Women on the Outside