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Young Afghan girls look out the window from their classroom in Manogai village, East Afghanistan. More than a third of Afghanistan's 5 million schoolchildren are now girls, compared with practically none in early 1992. The repressive Taliban regime banned the education of girls. They began to trickle back to classrooms only after the US-supported Northern Alliance ousted the regime in 2001. Despite significant progress having been made since then, UNICEF said that the main impediments to girls at school included resource issues, like a lack of female teachers and inadequate school facilities, along with some socio-cultural factors hampering the process. Schools in the country remain segregated by gender and boys have to be taught be men and girls by female teachers. There are currently 1,350 girls' schools, along with 2,900 other institutions that hold split sessions, with girls-only classes in the afternoon. Balazs Gardi/Alexia Foundation