Alexia Foundation Photo of Today – Dijana Muminovic

A boy looks at two women who pray in front of a truck that delivered 775 coffins to be buried in Potocari for the 15th anniversary of the 1995 genocide. More than 10,000 boys and men were slaughtered in town of Srebrenica and buried in Potocari Memorial Center. Dijana Muminovic

Today’s photo is from Dijana Muminovic 2013 2nd place winning student proposal, “Beneath My Land: Exhuming Victims of the Bosnian Genocide.”

“At the age of 12, I survived the Bosnian war hiding in basements, where I listened to the stories of slaughter.” This was her experience of the war and how Dijana’s winning second place proposal begins.

After the war, Dijana was later able to move to the US. She settled in Bowling Green, Kentucky with her family, along with 6,000 other Bosnians, who moved to the region.

She thought the war was behind her, but, she discovered that among the Bosnian women in Kentucky, there were Bosnian Muslim women living in Kentucky still waiting to find the bodies of their husbands, sons and brothers lost so many years ago.

Diana has immersed herself in this project. She accompanied researches from the Missing Persons Institute to Lake Perucac, in the city of Visegrad, on the border of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina where 3,000 were killed what is known as the Srebrenica or Bosnian Genocide. 800 bodies had been thrown into the lake. Diana has documented the process of the exhumation of the remains in Lake Perucac.

Muminovic’s work was exhibited in the US Congress Building for the 16th anniversary of the genocide.

With the grant, Dijana will visit the hydropower station and will work more closely with the Missing Persons Institute to gather in-depth statistics for a book about Lake Perucac. Her work will be exhibited in the US Congress, Western Kentucky University and museums in Bosnia.

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