Gabriel Romero’s work “Palestine: Struggle for Statehood” featured on zReportage magazine


The photo essay “Palestine: Struggle for Statehood” from Gabriel Romero, 2012 Alexia Award of Excellence winner, is published in zReportage magazine from ZUMA Press agency. His Alexia project “Nowhere left to go: Bedouin of the West Bank” documented the current fate of the Bedouin tribes that have been displaced by ongoing conflict in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.


The feet of one of the youngest victims of displacement. Most young Bedouin children do not have shoes. Dec. 21, 2013. West Bank, Palestinian Territories. (Photo by Gabriel Romero/Alexia Foundation ©2014)

Romero’s work continues to shed light on the perplexities of a region that is often in the news for its conflicts and instability. His intimate images from daily life in the West Bank tell the stories of Palestinians as they struggle for statehood, even among divisive politics between Fatah and Hamas. The Alexia Foundation is proud to support image-makers that raise awareness and document the human condition.

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