AE Recipient José Marquéz on his Momenta Workshop

Under The Bridges and On the Streets from José Márquez on Vimeo.

Each year, winners of The Alexia student award of excellence grant are given $1500 to be used on an educational experience from a number of choices. They can use the funding to attend a MediaStorm One-Day Workshop, The Kalish Workshop or a Momenta Workshop. We thought it would be wonderful to share with you some of the great work that these workshops foster and to highlight the growth attendees experience.

2016 student award of excellence winner José Marquéz used his funding to attend The Momenta Project Los Angeles 2017, a five-day workshop where each attendee documents the mission of a local non-profit. To compliment the storytelling aspect, Momenta holds nightly lectures and business skills training with daily personal editing sessions.

With the guidance of Momenta, José beautifully told the story of Under The Bridges and On The Streets, a non-profit serving the homeless in the Los Angeles County. They provide food and clothing once a month for those in need. You can view the video José produced above.

“I’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the Momenta Workshop. It was an incredible learning experience that pushed me to be the best I could physically and creatively be in a short period of time,” said José.

“I ran into scheduling and weather issues, as many shoots go,” added José, “but being surrounded by the Momenta family and seeing their work at the end of the day, really inspired me to create something to be proud of.”

The co-founder of The Momenta Workshops, Jamie Rose, is herself a 2002 recipient of an Alexia student grant, a point which makes the partnership even more special.

“I was in their shoes almost 17 years ago when I got my award of excellence and was hungry for learning experiences. All of us at Momenta love giving these students an opportunity to continue to hone their voice and use their photography as a force of change,” said Jamie.

We are so pleased to be able to partner with Momenta on this, and to see the positive impact the experience has on the lives of our grantees and the communities they touch.

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