Alexia Recipient Camillo Pasquarelli on his Kalish Workshop

Camillo Pasquarelli collaborates with his team members at the 2017 Kalish Workshop at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Camillo Pasquarelli collaborates with his team members at the 2017 Kalish Workshop at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Photo by Mike Davis

Each year, student recipients are given the opportunity to attend one of three given workshops in addition to their $500 cash grant. Over the summer, Camillo Pasquarelli, one of the recipients of The Alexia 2017 Award of Excellence grant, used his prize to attend The Kalish Workshop.

The Kalish, now in its 27th year, is a five-day workshop that focuses on picture editing and what it signifies. It brings together visual editors, producers, photographers and designers who communicate across all platforms: Web, tablet, mobile and print. It is very participatory, combining lectures with hands-on team exercises.

For Pasquarelli, The Kalish allowed him to understand what working in the newsroom is like. As a freelancer who has never been in that situation, the experience was enlightening. He learned how important collaborating with different people with different skills is, and how everyone can come together for the same goal and push the boundaries of storytelling.

The Kalish enlarged Pasquarelli’s vision of the industry, and made him award of the differences between European and U.S. counterparts. He gained a new and deeper understanding of the photo editing process from the point of view of a photo editor. He now understands better what they need and how it is best for him, as a photographer, to interact with them.

“I returned home with a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration received by a group of talented people that love their profession,” said Pasquarelli.

Pasquarelli also praised the networking opportunities the workshop afforded him. He looks forward to collaborating with the many new colleagues he met through the workshop. Among those colleagues, was Syracuse University’s Alexia Chair Mike Davis, who stopped by the workshop, lending his thoughtful eye and decades of photo editing wisdom.

Earlier today, Pasquarelli presented his Alexia project, The endless winter of Kashmir at Visa Pour l’Image during the Campus Of International School of Photojournalism presentation and from Sept. 21-Oct. 9, The Alexia Foundation will be showing his project at the Indian Photography Festival in Hyderabad. We’re excited to hear about his enriching experience at The Kalish and are glad to have his work getting the attention it deserves in these high profile events.

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