Quest for Honesty And Integrity Is More Vital Than Ever

Nelson, 17, enlisted in the army this past summer, and is shipping out three days after graduation.
Sarah Blesener/Alexia Foundation

You made it happen. It is thanks to your generous donations that The Alexia Foundation has had one of our most impactful years to date. Our winners are telling pressing stories thanks to your support. We are writing to celebrate this year, and to ask you to help us make 2018 even more impressive.

At this moment, Alexia Professional Grant winner Sarah Blesener is traveling throughout the United States, exploring the growth of nationalism and patriotism among our youth. We must understand these issues if we are to address events like Charlottesville and the growing division and hatred in the U.S.

Alexia First Place Student Winner, Monica Jorge, is examining the silent struggle of spouses caring for their partners with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Thus, giving us powerful insight into a phenomenon that will have an ever more devastating impact on the U.S. as our population ages.

With international publications already working with these photographers and devoted social media followers consuming their work, these stories are bringing sorely needed global understanding and awareness.

At a time when the quest for honesty and integrity has become more vital than ever, The Alexia Foundation is unwavering in its commitment to photojournalism. We believe it is a strong force – bringing us closer to the world we inhabit, stirring compassion and driving action. As we prepare to award our 2018 grants, we ask, do you stand with us?

If you believe in the power of photojournalism to drive change and change lives, as we do, please give generously to The Alexia Foundation this year.

Aphrodite and Peter Tsairis

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