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Garett, an upper-ranking Young Marine, dances with his girlfriend at an annual ball in Hanover, Pa., on Oct. 21. The Young Marines is a non-profit that teaches patriotic education. Students from the program, along with family and close friends, meet for an evening to honor cadets and their accomplishments. Photo by Sarah Blesener from her Alexia Grant Project “Beckon Me From Home.”

Our $20,000 Professional Grant is a lifeline for serious documentary photographers. It gives our grantees the time and space to profoundly examine a topic and reveal both the essence and the breadth of today’s most pressing issues. Grants like The Alexia are not luxuries: they are necessities that make possible the telling of stories that allow us understand world and push us to make it better.

“The Alexia Professional Grant has enabled me to commit to a topic and project wholeheartedly, allowing me to dig deep into the stories I am discovering. As an emerging photographer, the Alexia Professional Grant has empowered me not only financially, but also with the support of a network of individuals offering community, critique and support,” says Sarah Blesener, recipient of The Alexia 2017 Professional Grant.

Chapters from “Beckon Us From Home,” Blesener’s Alexia funded work on the growth of nationalism and patriotism among youth, have been published by National Geographic, California Sunday, Time Magazine and others. Numerous other prominent outlets are planning to publish this body of work in the near future. Blesener’s Alexia project is leading the conversation. It is driving change and changing lives.

In our nearly 30 year history, The Alexia Foundation has awarded 21 Professional Grants, spanning topics as diverse and vital as child marriage, the Civil War in Sierra Leone, environmental devastation, deadly labor conditions, sexual assault in the U.S. Military, the Armenian Genocide, among many others. This past week we announced the call to entries for our 2018 competition and this spring, we will award our 22nd Professional Grant and six student grants.

The Alexia Foundation relies on donations from people like you to make Blesener’s insightful look at youth in the United States possible. Will you come forward to support this year’s Professional Grant by making a tax-deductible donation today?


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