Sarah Blesener’s “Beckon Us From Home” at Anastasia Photo

The Alexia Foundation is pleased to share the news that Sarah Blesener’s 2017 Alexia Professional Grant project, Beckon Us From Home, will be on display at New York City’s Anastasia Photo Gallery Feb. 20-April 1. The Artist’s Reception is Feb. 27.

Beckon Us From Home examines the interplay of religion, love of country and military-style training in the teaching of New Americanism” amongst youth. In patriotic camps and clubs around the United States, roughly 400,000 American children are taught annually, often with a military subtext, what it means to be an American. Here, in this microcosm of a changing nation, youth straddle the vulnerability of adolescence and the simultaneous stripping of individuality.

Blesener has spent the year since receiving The Alexia Grant in April 2017 criss-crossing the United States over and over again, exploring the growth of nationalism and patriotism among our youth. These are issues that we must understand if we are to address growing division and hate in U.S.

We are proud to have been able to support this work and we look forward to seeing it reach the prestigious platform of Anastasia Photo. We hope you will find time this spring to see the work in person.

Anastasia Photo is located at 143 Ludlow Street New York, NY. It is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday.

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