Louie Palu on War and Photography

Louie Palu began working in Afghanistan in 2006 and was awarded The Alexia Professional Grant in 2010 for Kandahar, a project examines the cultural, historical and contemporary significance of Kandahar and its people within the region and the current Afghan state. Since that time, he has exhibited the work he did in Afghanistan widely, was awarded a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship and has produced two major works on the conflict in Afghanistan, the documentary film “Kandahar Journals” in 2015, and “Front Towards Enemy,” a just published deconstructed photo book that conveys the chaos of war and the ways media influences our perception of armed conflicts.

In this new Q&A with Palu, we explore the meaning and purpose of his work, as well as the advice he has for others who would like to follow in his steps. Continue reading

“Afghanistan – Between War And Peace” by Balazs Gardi

In 2006 Balazs Gardi was awarded the Alexia Professional Grant for his work “Afghanistan – Between War And Peace.” The project documented Afghanistan, a nation shattered by wars, droughts and earthquakes, looking for signs of stability amid an uneasy peace. … Continue reading

Alexia Foundation Photo of Today – Louie Palu

Louie Palu Kandahar

Today’s photo is from Louie Palu’s 2010 professional project, “Kandahar.” The work examines the cultural, historical and contemporary significance of the city, its region and the current Afghan state. As Louie tells us in his project proposal, Pashtuns are Afghanistan’s … Continue reading

Interview with Louie Palu

Alexia Foundation: Describe Afghanistan to me. How is Kandahar unique in comparison to the rest of Afghanistan? Louie Palu: Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world and has been ravaged by conflict for decades. For centuries empires … Continue reading