Santiago’s “Stolen Lives, Stolen Future” in NYTimes, Scientific American and Instagram


Michael Santiago’s 2015 First Place Student Winning Stolen Lives, Stolen Future has been featured by both The New York Times and Scientific American. The project documents the experience of Black farmers in the U.S. His work tells of the pride of but also the decline of the African-American farmer, much of which was driven first by unjust traditions, such as sharecropping, and later by racially discriminatory loan practices, particularly by the USDA.

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Kelly Creedon Wins POYi 2nd Place, Documentary Journalism


2015 Alexia Student Award of Excellence Winner Kelly Creedon has won the 2nd Place award for Documentary Journalism in the 73rd annual Pictures of the Year International (POYi) competition for her film “In This World.” The film was made possible with the support of The Alexia Foundation.
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7 Questions for Alexia Student Grantee Kelly Creedon

Courvosier Cox, 14, poses for a portrait while playacting in his invented character of a fry cook in his home in Durham, N.C., on September 9, 2014. Cox’s broad cast of imaginary characters are part of his dream of becoming a successful performer and moving beyond the social and economic limitations he faces in his current reality. Photo: Kelly Creedon

Kelly Creedon is a 2015 Alexia Foundation Award of Excellence recipient for her project “Being 15: Navigating Adolescence as a Young Black Male” that captures the intimate moments of Vosiey Cox, a teenager living in Durham, North Carolina. Creedon’s project seeks to explore how “being 15 is a watershed year, an exciting and tumultuous time marked by the search for self, construction of identity and longing for acceptance.” Continue reading

Torsten Kjellstrand Documents Black Missouri Farmers

Jistin is just 11, but he already knows that he wants to farm. He likes being with his father, Joe, he says, and he likes the work. The farm his father and grandfather work lies a few miles west of New Madrird, Missouri, on the flat Mississippi delta country known in Missouri as the Bootheel. 1994. Torsten Kjellstrand/Alexia Foundation

Today’s photo is from Torsten Kjellstrand’s 1993 student award of excellence project, “Black Soil: Missouri’s African-American Farmers.” The project examines the lives of black farmers in Missouri. African-American farmers are a rarity, and they face a difficult lot. In additional … Continue reading