Andrew Renneisen’s “Violent Times: Crime in America’s Cities”

Andrew Renneisen’s 2013 Award of Excellence project, “Violent Times: Crime in America’s Cities” documents the impact of violence in America’s inner cities. Andrew’s proposal images include scenes from Wilmington, DE and Atlantic City, where he is witness to the profound … Continue reading

UPDATE: Andrew Renneisen Covering Violence in Camden, NJ

Andrew Renneisen was awarded an Alexia Foundation Award of Excellence in February for “Violent Times: Crime in America’s Cities” to document violence in the city of Camden, NJ. Here, we speak with him about what the Alexia Grant has allowed … Continue reading

Photographer Updates: Palu, Berg, Ferdous, Capozziello, Eich, Sinclair, Bleasdale, Lynch & Astrada

In our photographer updates, we feature a list of recent works, prizes and publications by Alexia grantees past and present. This year Louie Palu, 2010 Alexia grantee, criss-crossed more than 3,000 kilometres of the US-Mexico border to tell the story … Continue reading

Alexia Foundation Photo of Today – Katie Orlinsky

Today’s photo is from Katie Orlinsky’s 2012 winning student project, “Innocence Assassinated: Living in Mexico’s Drug War.” The work documents the brutal daily reality of people living in some of Mexico’s most violence areas, The death toll since 2006 is … Continue reading

Interview with Raymond Thompson Jr, 2012 Grantee

Raymond Thompson Jr. was awarded an Alexia Foundation student grant this past year to document the impact of dispropotionate incarceration on minority communities. He recently submitted his final project, “Justice Undone,” which he will be presenting at FotoWeek DC in … Continue reading