Rahul Talukder Alexia Instagram Take Over With “Collapse of Rana Plaza”

All this past week, Rahul Talukder has been sharing images from his powerful, ongoing project, “Collapse of Rana Plaza.” Talukder received the 2015 Alexia Student First Runner-Up Grant to work on this project.

Ralukder’s work follows those impacted by the tragedy of the Rana Plaza collapse to help the world understand that the repercussions from one of the world’s worst ever industrial accidents are ongoing. He shows us those still mourning lost family members, those for whom the mental scars still resonate, and those for whom severe injuries still make a normal life impossible three years later.

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5 Questions for Alexia Professional Winner Paolo Marchetti

Paolo Marchetti, the 2015 Alexia Foundation Professional Winner, is featured in an interview on his project documenting the cost of global factory farms used by the high fashion industry. Continue reading

Lisa Hornstein-Kunkel on Sovereignty In Native American Montana

Lisa Hornstein-Kunkel ‘s 2004 student award of excellence winning project, “Sovereignty in Native American Montana” explores what it means to have control over one’s land and people when that independence has been mostly taken away. Within the seven Indian Reservations … Continue reading

Kettleman City: Life in a Toxic Environment by Justin Maxon

Justin Maxon is one of only two photographers to have received an Alexia Foundation grant twice, once as a student, the second time, last year, as a professional. For his student project, Justin documented life in Kettleman City, California, a … Continue reading

Abir Abdullah’s Continued Photography on Working Conditions in Bangladesh

Abir Abdullah, this year’s Alexia Foundation professional grant winner, continues to passionately cover working and living conditions for those employeed by the garment industry in Bangladesh. Abir took this image of a flimsy rope ladder, the emergency exit for a … Continue reading

Alexia Foundation Photo of Today – Abir Abdullah

Today’s photo is by 2013 Professional Grantee, Abir Abdullah from his story “The deadly cost of cheap clothing” which documents the omnipresent threat of fire to the working class of Dhaka, Bangladesh in slums, in shopping centers and, particularly, in … Continue reading