UPDATE: Aaron Vincent Elkaim Talks of Progress and Purpose


In April, Aaron Vincent Elkaim was in the last days of a two month trip working on the long-term project, Where The River Runs Through, when he learned that he had been awarded the $20,000 Alexia Professional Grant. He had thought that he was on his final trip, but the Alexia Grant would allow him to continue to show the world the severe impact Brazil’s major hydroelectric expansion in the Amazon has on the ecosystem and the people who live there.

In a new interview, Elkaim talks about what is next for Where The River Runs Through, what effect he intends his project to have and how The Alexia Foundation is helping him accomplish it. Continue reading

Interview with Marcus Bleasdale on Photography, Advocacy and Passion

62 year old Madalene shows sores that are all over her body as a result of drinking the water from the wells near the pipeline. Bacteria from the forest now runs into all of the well water in the area making it dangerous to drink. Yet the closest alternative well is 8 km away and many are forced to use the polluted sources resulting in sickness. The consortium has been aware of this situation for 4 years and has done nothing. In this town 75% of the residents now suffer from waterborne illnesses. Marcus Bleasdale/Alexia Foundation

Marcus Bleasdale received the 2005 Alexia Foundation Professional Grant for his project, “The Rape of a Nation: Oil Exploitation in Central Africa.” The work examined the construction of a new oil pipeline and its adverse effects on those it passed … Continue reading