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Last week, Alexia Foundation Executive Administrator James Dooley was a key participant in the the Auckland Festival of Photography, a city-wide contemporary art and cultural event which takes place in Auckland’s major galleries, project spaces, non-gallery venues and public sites during June annually. It is the largest festival of photography in New Zealand.

“My goal was to show the importance and depth of serious documentary work that needs to be done, needs to be shown and exposed, and these projects and many, many others were done with the support of The Alexia Foundation,” explained Dooley on the Auckland Festival was something he thought The Alexia Foundation should participate in. Continue reading

The Other Side of Brazil: Alexia Photographers Bear Witness


While the attention of the world is focused on the spectacle of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, The Alexia Foundation is witness to a very different reality in Brazil. Over the past three years, two of our professional grant recipients have received their funding based on work done in Brazil. Take a moment to explore some of the work of Aaron Vincent Elkaim and Sebastian Liste. Continue reading

Sebastian Liste Wins World Press Photo, Daily Life, Third Prize Stories

Sebastian Liste's World Press Winning Project.

Liste has been recognized for his story “Citizen Journalism in Brazil’s Favelas.” It is part of his work on his 2014 Alexia Foundation Professional Grant project, “The New Culture of Violence in Latin America.” Continue reading

Announcing the 2016 Alexia Foundation Grant Dates


Photographers! Prepare your submission materials for the Alexia Foundation’s 2016 Grant Competition. The Professional grant submissions open January 1, 2016 with a deadline of January 31. The Student grant opens on February 3, 2016 with a deadline of March 3. Applying for the Student Grant is free, but there is a $50 application fee for the Professional Grant. Continue reading

10 Alexia Grantee Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

A village nestled in the eastern part of Guinea Bissau. The climate is hot and humid but by the end of the dry season, little water will be found above ground. The children take advantage of the rains to enjoy a day of swimming. Ami Vitale/Alexia Foundation

Alexia Foundation photographers are some of the most prolific visual storytellers on the planet, tackling a wide range of issues in their photographic projects. All of the following photographers can be followed on Instagram, by clicking the link next to … Continue reading

POYi awards Alexia Grantees

Ezra Shaw - POYi

Alexia grantees received many top awards in the 72nd Annual Pictures of the Year International (POYi) competition, the oldest and one of the most prestigious contests for photojournalism. Continue reading

The Alexia Foundation at PIP2014 in Pingyao

The Alexia Foundation exhibition at Pingyao International Photography Festival 2014. Photo by Jim Dooley.

The Alexia Foundation is currently at the Pingyao International Photography Festival in China exhibiting work from this year’s grant winners, professional, Sebastian Liste, and student, Mehran Hamrahi. Alexia Executive Administrator Jim Dooley is overseeing the exhibition. The festival is going … Continue reading

“The New Culture of Violence in Latin America” from Sebastian Liste

SALVADOR DE BAHIA, BRAZIL – MAY, 22 2010: Melanie (22) with her two sons in a small shack in an abandoned chocolate factory in Salvador de Bahia. In spite of the extreme conditions in which they live, this factory in ruins has become a home for the family, on May 22, 2010 in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Despite the lack of socio-economic support from the government, they have managed to make a safe place for themselves to live, and form a community of their own, which is safer that the alternatives available to them. However they are currently being evicted by the government due to being there illegally. Sebastian Liste/Reportage by Getty Images

Sebastian Liste is the 2014 Alexia Foundation Professional Grant Recipient for his project, “The New Culture of Violence in Latin America.” “I seek to create a visual document that condemns and raises awareness of the gravity of the current situation … Continue reading

Sebastián Liste to Exhibit at Visa pour l’Image, Perpignan

Members of the "carro" run a routine check in the prison. The "carro" is the armed group of inmates guards who take care of the prison. The chief of all of them in the called "pran", who have the control of the whole prison. The militaries who control the prion from outside are not allowed to enter inside the prison from the last 5 years. Since the prisoner took the control of the prion to improve their living conditions. Now they do whatever they want inside and organize racketeering in the city from the inside.

2014 Alexia Professional Winner, Sebastián Liste has been selected to exhibit his “On the Inside: Venezuelan Prisons Under Inmate Control” in the 2014 Visa pour l’Image festival in Perpignan, France. Inside, the inmates live and die in a world of … Continue reading