“When the Spirit Moves” Wins World Press Photo First Prize

Justin Maxon, with fellow cinematographer and director Jared Moossy, have been awarded first prize in the Long Form category of the 2017 World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest for “When the Spirit Moves,” his long-term project on gun violence in Chester, Pa., a small American city.

Maxon won The Alexia 2012 professional grant for “When the Spirit Moves.” He was also the recipient of The Alexia 2008 student runner-up grant. Continue reading

UPDATE: Mary F. Calvert’s “Missing in Action: Homeless Women Veterans”

Today is the last day of Mary F. Calvert’s Alexia Foundation Instagram take over. All this past week, she has been sharing powerful images and the moving stories of women, whose brutal sexual assaults while in the U.S. Military resulted in their homelessness.

In this post, we talk about some of the recognition Calvert’s work has received, why her project is so important, and “Prisoners of War: Male on Male Rape in America’s Military,” the current stage of her long term work on Military Sexual Trauma. Continue reading

The Other Side of Brazil: Alexia Photographers Bear Witness

While the attention of the world is focused on the spectacle of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, The Alexia Foundation is witness to a very different reality in Brazil. Over the past three years, two of our professional grant recipients have received their funding based on work done in Brazil. Take a moment to explore some of the work of Aaron Vincent Elkaim and Sebastian Liste. Continue reading

Sebastian Liste Wins World Press Photo, Daily Life, Third Prize Stories

Liste has been recognized for his story “Citizen Journalism in Brazil’s Favelas.” It is part of his work on his 2014 Alexia Foundation Professional Grant project, “The New Culture of Violence in Latin America.” Continue reading

10 Alexia Grantee Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

Alexia Foundation photographers are some of the most prolific visual storytellers on the planet, tackling a wide range of issues in their photographic projects. All of the following photographers can be followed on Instagram, by clicking the link next to … Continue reading

6 Questions for Alexia Student grantee Alcee Walker

Alcee Walker received the 2015 Alexia Foundation Student Award of Excellence for his project “Pain of Love,” a documentary about his own dysfunctional family in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is a story of “the emotional legacy of a broken family and the lasting effects of childhood trauma.” Continue reading

The Marshall Project Features Andrew Renneisen’s “Violent Times: Crime in America’s Cities”

Andrew Renneisen’s “Violent Times: Crime in America’s Cities” was featured by the newly launched Marshall Project. The organization published a selection of Renneisen’s photographs from his time working in Camden, the project for which Renneisen received his 2013 Alexia Foundation … Continue reading

“The New Culture of Violence in Latin America” from Sebastian Liste

Sebastian Liste is the 2014 Alexia Foundation Professional Grant Recipient for his project, “The New Culture of Violence in Latin America.” “I seek to create a visual document that condemns and raises awareness of the gravity of the current situation … Continue reading

“The New Culture of Violence in Latin America” from Sebastián Liste

As we announced last week, Sebastián Liste has been named the recipient of the 2014 Alexia Foundation Professional Grant. His work, “The New Culture of Violence in Latin America,” examines the violence that, having begun with the brutality of the … Continue reading

UPDATE: Dijana Muminovic on Documenting the Remnants of the Bosnian Genocide

Dijana Muminovic was awarded an Alexia Foundation Second Place Student Award in February for “Beneath My Land: Exhuming Victims of the Bosnian Genocide” to document the aftermath of the brutal Bosnian Genocide. Her work focuses on the people searching for … Continue reading