Interview With David Denil: On the Psychological State of Ukraine

Reflecting on what’s unknown. David Denil/Alexia Foundation

David Denil was awarded one of four Alexia Student Award of Excellence Grants this past April for “Let Us Not Fall Asleep While Walking,” which depicts the psychological state of Ukraine, haunted by its past and memory as it looks to the future. His images are metaphorical representations of everyday life where time seems frozen but dreams and hope linger.

In this new interview with Denil, we talk about what this work means, where it came from and what he plans to do with it next. Continue reading

Nathaniel Brunt’s #shaheed at Toronto’s CONTACT Gallery


With an opening reception tonight, Feb. 9, Nathaniel Brunt’s #shaheed will be on display in a solo exhibition at the Scotiabank CONTACT gallery in Torono, Canada until Mar. 25. #shaheed is a study of the war in Kashmir, the men fighting in it, and the changing relationship between technology and the representation of conflict.

Nathaniel Brunt was The Alexia 2016 student winner for #shaheed. His Alexia grant helped support this important work. Continue reading

Running for Cover: Politics, Justice and Media in the Syrian Conflict


The first ever conference of its kind, Running for Cover: Politics, Justice and Media in the Syrian Conflict, will be held on October 6 at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

The focus of this daylong event will be accountability in the Syrian conflict. Policy makers and media leaders will analyze the international community’s response to the Syrian conflict as well as discuss the challenges in reporting the war, developing political solutions and seeking justice for victims. Award-winning photography and 360° video from the region will be shown.

All events are free. The public is invited to attend.
Continue reading

Daniel Etter Featured in August’s Top 10 Photo Essays By TIME LightBox


Daniel Etter’s photo essay “Hands Across the Water” for Al Jazeera America provides an intimate portrait of a crew and ship trying to save migrants that are ignored by Europeans. In 2006, Etter won an Alexia Student Award of Excellence for his project “The Long Shadow of the Third Reich” which captured The March of the Living: a Jewish commemoration of the Holocaust to remind people of the atrocities of the Nazi regime. Continue reading

10 Alexia Grantee Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

A village nestled in the eastern part of Guinea Bissau. The climate is hot and humid but by the end of the dry season, little water will be found above ground. The children take advantage of the rains to enjoy a day of swimming. Ami Vitale/Alexia Foundation

Alexia Foundation photographers are some of the most prolific visual storytellers on the planet, tackling a wide range of issues in their photographic projects. All of the following photographers can be followed on Instagram, by clicking the link next to … Continue reading

Katie Orlinsky receives inaugural grant from The Howard G. Buffett Fund For Women Journalists


Alexia grantee Katie Orlinsky received one of nine inaugural grants from The Howard G. Buffet Fund for Women Journalists from the International Women’s Media Foundation. The grant will be used for working on a photography project exploring climate change and environmental issues in Alaskan communities. Continue reading

Gabriel Romero Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine

Eaad Hariri, 39, was injured in Daraa, Syria in November 2013 during a bombing. Despite his injury, he is still able to care for his young family. Feb. 8, 2014. Zaatari Camp, Jordan. (Photo by Gabriel Romero/Alexia Foundation ©2014)

In the September issue of Professional Photographer, Gabriel Romero speaks to the magazine about what it takes to photograph in the extreme circumstances he often finds himself in around the world in pursuit of some of the most challenging and … Continue reading

“Gold, Guns and Germs: The Effects of Conflict in the DR Congo” by Roger LeMoyne

Boys under 18 years of age are separated from adult fighters at the Mushaki Congolese National Army military camp on March 22, 2005.  The young boys will go to a child soldier demobilization program run by UNICEF in Goma. Roger LeMoyne/Alexia Foundation

Roger LeMoyne’s 2004 professional project, “Gold, Guns and Germs: The Effects of Conflict in the DR Congo” looks at the impact of conflict on the civilian population of the region. Particularly, the work focuses on the children who have been … Continue reading

“Afghanistan – Between War And Peace” by Balazs Gardi

Afghan men sit in a tea house in Bamyan on October 14, 2004. A nation shattered by wars, droughts, and earthquakes looks for signs of stability amid an uneasy peace. The country held its first-ever direct presidential election that was also a major test of the U.S.-led nation-building efforts since the 2001 ouster of the Taliban. Balazs Gardi/Alexia Foundation

In 2006 Balazs Gardi was awarded the Alexia Professional Grant for his work “Afghanistan – Between War And Peace.” The project documented Afghanistan, a nation shattered by wars, droughts and earthquakes, looking for signs of stability amid an uneasy peace. … Continue reading